Shanghai Jianzhong strongly supports the prevention and control of the epidemic, adding an Enpak mask production line

Shanghai Jianzhong is a company specializing in the production of sensory control products. After experiencing the baptism of the new crown epidemic, a war without gunpowder, our company has built a large-scale mask production line, and the stable output of Enpak brand masks reaches 50,000 per day. With the gradual saturation of domestic demand, our company has expanded its business to foreign countries. Currently, there are two types of masks exported: disposable sanitary masks and medical surgical masks. The export countries include more than 50 countries including Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Our company has a complete mask production workshop. The 100,000-level clean and dust-free workshop meets the workshop standards for mask production. The production process complies with ISO13485:2016 “Medical Device Quality Management System for Regulatory Requirements”. Six major processes make the virus can take advantage of: 1. Plastic nose strip, better fit the nose; 2. Fit facial design, provide the best adhesion; 3. Pure cotton high elastic ear straps, comfortable and not stiff Ears; 4. Electret treatment, improve the filtering effect, better air permeability; 5. Superfine fiber skin-friendly material, gentle and non-irritating; 6. Seamless edging, beautiful and generous.

Our company has complete export qualifications and stable supply. European CE certification, medical surgical masks have also been added to the white list of the Ministry of Export Commerce. Each mask index has the certification report of the testing agency: the test report issued by the TUV South German Certification and Testing Center that meets EN14683 EU disposable medical surgical masks; the PONY Puni test issued a filtration efficiency of 99%, and the respiratory resistance requirements comply with GB T 32610 -2016 Test report of daily protective mask technical specifications. Our company has stable production capacity, timely delivery, and a credit rating of A for many years. It is a company with long-term cooperation.

Along the way, we are grateful. I am grateful for the support and help of leaders at all levels. The epidemic will eventually pass. Being vigilant in times of peace and being strong is the long-term survival of a company. Internally, we reform the management system, establish a more complete modern enterprise system, accelerate technological innovation, and enhance the core competitiveness of products; externally, we strive to break foreign technology monopolies and trade barriers, and enhance the international reputation and reputation of national brands For this reason, I hope Enpak brand masks sell well all over the world.


Post time: Aug-28-2020